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PAPER beads FROM africa

PAPER BEADS FROM AFRICA are beads made from recycled paper by women in Uganda. The paper is not dyed or painted. The women make the beads by cutting recycled magazines and old calendars into strips and then rolling each strip around a toothpick or needle to form a paper bead. They then shellac each bead to give it a protective shine and then craft them into beautiful jewelry pieces. Yes, the beads really are made from paper!


The extremely grateful women all tell us the same story! Your purchase enables them to pay school fees, buy school uniforms and feed their families. 

We bring the paper bead jewelry to the US to sell. The profit from the paper bead sales is used by to build soccer fields, sponsor  soccer tournaments and deliver soccer equipment to kids in the developing world. We believe every kid deserves the chance to play! 

We are volunteers, no salaries are paid!

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