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We are the kids who run FUNDaFIELD...

In 2010, 12 year old Kira, traveled with her brothers Garrett and Kyle (co-founders of FUNDaFIELD) to Uganda and was introduced to women making paper beads. She found it fascinating that they could create such beautiful paper bead jewelry from paper that was about to be thrown away. She watched them for hours and hours that first trip. She learned how they depended on the money they made from the sales of the paper beads to feed and take care of their families. When she left, she bought more beads than she needed and brought them home to share. 

The paper bead jewelry was a huge hit and everyone wanted more and more, asking her where they could buy it. A website was the solution and sales at started to grow. She has also expanded the site to include more than just paper beads. All items are crafted in the developing world. 

We are all volunteers!

All of our team members are volunteers, no one is paid. We are happy to be able to make a difference to so many and help our wonderful crafters pay school fees, buy school uniforms and feed their families. The more we sell, the more women we support. Thank you for shopping and for YOUR support!

Who are the women PAPER BEAD crafters?

Kira purchases the paper beads from different groups of women in Uganda, paying fair market prices. The women are located near Kampala in an IDP camp called Acholi Quarter and near Jinja. 

The wooden spoons and soccer balls are made by John and some of his friends who live near Bujagali Falls.

All of the profit from the sales goes directly to FUNDaFIELD, a not for profit 501(c)(3). FUNDaFIELD uses the money to build soccer fields, hold soccer tournaments and supply soccer gear to kids in the developing world.

PAPER BEADS FROM AFRICA has created positive change in many women's lives who are now excited about what the future holds for them and their family. Thank you for your shopping and for making a difference in the lives of so many!