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We are proud to work with refugee women in Uganda to make paper bead jewelry and accessories. The women crafters are extremely grateful for your support that enables them to pay school fees, buy school uniforms and support their families. 
They are excited about what the future holds for their families and thank you over and over again for your support.


PAPER beads FROM africa

In 2014 we asked for support in relocating 31 women crafters and their 198 children to a safe home before their IDP (internally displaced person) camp was bulldozed! The women were former refugees from the Kony war. Amazingly you heard our plea for support and helped us raise $31,687 in just 10 weeks!

Your support enabled us to construct 31 new homes for them in Northern Uganda, on their original plots of land! 

In 2015 the women and children faced new challenges as they adjusted to the move. They lacked basic necessities, making their relocation extremely difficult. 

Our goal was to support them in their dream of a fresh start and a new life by providing jerry cans, basins, plates, cups, pans, stoves, bed sheets, blankets, mattresses, goats, cows, chickens and a family latrine. 


In 2016 we distributed many of these items to each of the 31 women and their families. They were SO APPRECIATIVE! 


We continue to sell paper bead jewelry to support the women refugees and their families in Northern Uganda. You continue to purchase and we can't thank you enough for your support !


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